Computer Literacy Syllabus


Computer literacy is designed to increase computer awareness and help students feel more comfortable with the use of the computer.  Computer history and the applications of word processing, data base management, spreadsheets and slide shows are addressed.


This semester long introductory class is mandatory for all students of Elkton High School to meet the graduation requirements as specified by the state of South Dakota.



Specifically students will:


q  Know and be able to demonstrate proper computer terminology, start up and access appropriate computer software for their designated purpose.

q  Use proper keyboarding mastery.

q  Be able to identify the roles and responsibilities of computers within their own lives and within society in general.

q  Be able to identify and describe the basic parts of the information processing cycle; input, processing, output and storage.

q  Be able to identify the evolution of computers from early history to today.

q  Be able to input a document, format and manipulate data in a word processing program to achieve a mailable product.

q  Be able to create and manipulate a simple data base; creating, sorting and generating reports.

q  Be able to create numerical data and results using spreadsheets, including graphs.

q  Be able to create a multimedia presentation using PowerPoint.




Daily work 50%       Performance exams 50 %    



Materials/Methodology:  lecture, videos, computer software Microsoft Office


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